DNA Services of America is the trusted choice by people throughout the country for DNA Paternity Testing services. Whether you need DNA profiling services for company officers or employees travelling abroad, a legal DNA test to determine the biological relationship between your child and the alleged father, a home DNA test for peace of mind regarding paternity, an immigration DNA test or any other DNA testing service to helpanswer your important family relationship question, we can help.





dna-double-helixLegal and Peace of Mind Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity Testing is an easy, painless and confidential way to help you get the answers you need for your child’s well being. If you are looking for a legally admissible DNA Paternity Test that is accurate and confidential, then DNA     Services of America can help you. Why trust the most important purchase of your life to just anybody. DNA Services of America has partner service centers throughout the country so that the samples can be collected at a time and place  convenient for you. If you need court admissible documentation to prove paternity for issues such as child support, custody, birth certificate issues, benefits, court orders, estates or other legal reasons, DNA Services of America can provide   you with the legal documentation that you need.

If you just want to know the truth and want peace of mind and you don’t need the results for legal reasons, then a Peace of Mind or Home DNA Test may be right for you. With a Home DNA Test, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. We ship a DNA Collection Kit to your home, give you all the necessary materials to collect the samples in the privacy of your own home and then mail them to our office for processing. Why buy a DNA Paternity Test Kit in a retail store and let everyone know your business? We will be happy to discreetly send you a DNA sample collection kit, which includes everything that you need, to get the personal Peace of Mind you are looking for. If a Home DNA Test is right for you, please click on the kit below and you will be routed to our online order page.

If there is more than one possible father of your child, then we can test each alleged father to determine who the biological father is. We can also test blood and other non-standard samples such as hair, fingernail clippings, bones and several other sample types.

DNA Services of America offers you a single point of contact throughout the entire process. You will only have to discuss your situation with one person who will be your Case Manager. We also offer you the ability to get your results online, over the telephone, via email, and regular mail at no additional charge. If you have any questions, please contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly Case Managers and they will be happy to assist you with any questions. You can also email us atand someone will quickly respond.

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dna-double-helixNon-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing

Utilizing the newest technology in DNA Paternity Testing, our partner laboratory uses cell-free circulating fetal DNA via a simple blood draw from the mother and a buccal (cheek) swab from the alleged father to determine paternity, with up to a 99.9% certainty, of the unborn child. Instead of examining 16 genetic markers as is the case in a standard DNA Paternity Test, the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test examines over 300,000 genetic markers, known as SNP’s, which makes for a much stronger test. The Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test can be performed as early as 9 weeks from the date of conception up until delivery of the child. Unlike the traditional Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS) procedures, which many doctor’s will only perform for medical reasons due to the dangers associated, the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test from DNA Services of America is not dangerous to your unborn child. We are happy to be able to offer this new, innovative and safe alternative to the traditional methods.

If you need a paternity test while pregnant, please call one of our friendly and knowledgeable case managers who can answer your questions and schedule your collection appointment.

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dna-double-helixFamily Relationship DNA Testing

Grandparentage DNA Testing

Would you like to know the paternity of a child and the alleged father is not available? DNA Services of America offers grandparentage testing to determine if there is a biological relationship between the child and the parents of the alleged father. Paternity can then possibly be inferred.

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Siblingship DNA Testing

Both Full and Half Siblingship can be determined with DNA Services of America’s siblingship DNA Test. Are you unsure if you have the same father or mother? We can perform a simple test using painless cheek swabs to determine the answer to your questions.

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Genetic Reconstruction

If the alleged father and the grandparents are not available, a Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test from DNA Services of America can take samples from other close relatives of the alleged father to infer paternity.

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Twin Zygosity

Twin Zygosity DNA Testing from DNA Services of America can be used to determine whether twins are identical or fraternal. It is not always easy to determine just through the birthing process.

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mtDNA Testing

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Testing can determine if tested parties are related through the maternal line.

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Y-STR Testing

Y-STR DNA Testing looks at specific alleles along the male-specific Y chromosome to determine if tested parties are related through the paternal line.

Please contact one our friendly and knowledgeable case managers for more information on our Family Relationship DNA Testing services. We will be happy to assist in answering any questions or to schedule your test.

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dna-double-helixDo you believe that your partner has been unfaithful? DNA Services of America can help determine this through Infidelity DNA Testing

Are you worried that your significant other may be unfaithful to your relationship? DNA Services of America can also help you answer questions about relationship infidelity using a battery of tests to determine if your partner is being unfaithful. We understand that this is a very painful time in your life and our friendly and knowledgeable Case Managers are available to assist you through this trying time and answer any questions that you may have.

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dna-double-helixForensic DNA Testing, for both Criminal and Civil Cases

Recently there have been numerous stories on shows and in the news of convicted individuals, some of who have been in prison for more than 30 years or more, whom have been exonerated of their suspected crimes due to DNA Testing. In many of these cases, DNA testing was not available when the original trial occurred and the convictions were gained by sometimes very circumstantial evidence and shoddy eyewitness testimony. DNA Services of America offers Forensic DNA Testing Services for attorneys to retest and confirm state’s evidence or to test for the first time new evidence that has come into the picture.

Currently our country is experiencing a massive backlog, sometimes several years, of evidence needing to be tested. DNA Services of America can assist state and county/parish crime labs in reducing the backlog to help ensure that evidence is not lost or accidentally destroyed. No human being should have to wait years to get closure and justice for crimes committed against them.

We can also provide Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Testing on degraded forensic samples or samples where there is little or no nuclear DNA present. Mitochondrial DNA testing has been used in several high profile cases such as the Anna Anderson/Romanov case, the Marie Antoinette/King Louis XVII case and the Anna Nicole Smith case.

Depending on the amount of evidence needing to be tested, DNA Services of America offers discounts to help prosecutors and defense attorneys prove their cases. Please contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly Case Managers for more information.

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dna-double-helixAncestry and Genealogical DNA Testing Services

Genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies today. People just like you all over the world are looking to discover their family’s exciting story. Are you or a family member working on your family tree? Is your family tree full of gaps and are you laden with questions? DNA Services of America performs Ancestry and Genealogy DNA Testing. These tests compare your shared DNA markers with other individuals in a research database to determine if you share common ancestors traced back to many thousands of years. This common biological and genealogical ancestry or “Haplogroup,” can be utilized to show ancestral migration patterns for both paternal (y-chromosomes), and maternal (mitochondrial) lineage. This information can further be entered into various databases to establish links with possible relatives all over the world.

Testing can also be performed to determine through the DNA profiling process if a tested individual has heritages of European descent, Sub-Saharan African descent, East Asian descent and Indigenous American descent. Every tested individual receives a full analysis and booklet explaining their results.

With information obtained from these tests, maybe you will find that your ancestors were part of one of the great Native American Indian nations or played a major role in shaping American or world history.

For genealogy clubs, discounts may be available depending on the number of people being tested. If you would like more information on any of our Ancestry or Genealogy DNA Tests and Services, please call one of our knowledgeable and friendly Case Managers with any questions or to order a test.

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